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Did you know that many large companies support their employees charitable giving by matching their donations?
This can apply to events where you have given your time to raise funds for a charity.
Match funding or match giving is a simple way of maximising the fundraising efforts of parent/PTA volunteers.

It is an informal albeit corporate arrangement between a company and their employee.
The government encourages businesses, from large multinationals to sole traders and self-employed individuals, to donate to charity. It does this by allowing the amount donated to charity by each business to be offset against their annual tax bills.

How Does It Work?
It is very straightforward. For example, a parent, who works for a firm that offers matched funding, volunteers to work on the bar at the PTA summer fair. The profit made by the stall is £450. The parent's employer will then match this amount with a further £450 (assuming they offer a £ for £ match).

Companies frequently also offer match giving on cash donations made by their employees whether this is done directly via direct debit or Payroll Giving (which is when you donate straight from your wages or pension, before tax is deducted from your income).

The amount offered will vary from company to company. If three parents work for the same employer then all three can ask for matched funding. This truly is a win-win situation as it raises significant extra funds for the PTA (with no additional effort or cost) and the company sees tax benefits.

Do All Employers Offer Match Funding?
All employers can, but not all do. Some employers prefer to nominate specific charities to make donations to and some employers operate grant schemes. The overwhelming majority of employers will have some method of making donations to reduce their tax liabilities, so it is always worth investigating.

Should I Ask My Employer?
Yes - please do! Remember, this is not asking your employer to give money away. One way or another your employer will be spending the money. It is simply a case of asking whether they would consider giving the money to the school?s projects funded by our PTA (which is a registered charity) rather than to the taxman!

A Community Relations or HR Manager will be the person to approach initially. In smaller companies where such posts do not exist, it is preferable to go to the immediate line manager to ascertain the most appropriate person to speak to. After that, you'll probably be asked to fill out an online form where you will need to indicate some of the information given later on in this document.

Organisations may match fund in a variety of ways the most common being:
- Time donated by their staff for voluntary work
- A donation made to our PTA
- The matching of funds raised from a sponsored event
- The matching of funds raised through a specific activity e.g. your class cake stall

Benefits of Match Funding
For your employer:
- Staff morale is boosted by having their efforts supported by the firm.
- The usual benefits of charitable donations being written off against taxable profits apply.
- By expanding the employer's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, a growing sense of social responsibility and provides them with positive PR opportunities.
- Match giving should not increase the administrative burden that applies to ordinary donations.
- Encourages a feel-good factor among employees about the firm they work for
- The company can support more than one charity/voluntary group

For the PTA:
- Our PTA will have the obvious benefit of receiving up to double the amount it would have, without any additional effort involved.
- There is also the possibility that, once a company has got to know our PTA through you, they may choose to continue to support us in other ways, such as through sponsorship, gifts in kind (for raffles, auctions) or a general donation.
- Your actions may encourage other parents to also approach their employers and thus expand the network of corporate sponsors for Belleville’s PTA.

For you:
- You will benefit by seeing your contributions being increased through the support of your employer.
- Raising increased funds will benefit your child and school through the projects funded by the PTA.

What next?
To get things started you need to ask your employer if they operate or are interested in running a matched funding scheme. Once the company has agreed to match give, they will probably ask you to complete a request form. If this is not the case, please ask the company to put their pledge in writing to the PTA.

Information you may need:
Charity Name: Belleville Parents and Teachers Association
Charity Address: Belleville School, Belleville Road, SW11 6PR
Registered Charity Number: 270097

For bank details, please e-mail the PTA Treasurers:

If you think your employer provides match funding and would like further assistance, please contact Rosie Ogle on

Remember, everybody wins with matched funding.
Your employer pays less tax and you can make a fantastic contribution to the school with one simple application!

Thank you for your support!