Our Local Governing Body (LGB)

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Belleville's LGB includes parents (elected by the school's parent body), members of staff (elected by the school staff) and co-opted local governors (appointed by the local governing body and/or the Trustees, because they have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school).
What the LGB does
The school is overseen by the board of trustees for the Quality First Education Trust. The board delegates some governance functions to the LGB, as outlined in our scheme of delegation, which can be found on the trust website. Belleville's LGB works as a team of local governors to challenge, monitor and support the school, to make sure it provides a good quality education for its pupils. There are normally two full LGB meetings per term. There are currently no LGB committees.

In addition to attending meetings, local governors may take on a link or lead role for an aspect of the school. As part of this link role, they will undertake pre-arranged visits and/or work with members of staff to monitor particular aspects of provision, and report back to the LGB. 

Contacting the LGB
If you wish to contact the local governing body you can write to us, care of the school office on either of our sites. Bring or send your letter to the school, marked for the attention of the Chair of the Local Governing Body, or email us directly at governors@bellevilleschool.org. However, please be aware that concerns should be managed in accordance with the school concerns and complaints policy, which means that local governors will not act unilaterally and may refer issues back to the school.

Declaration of interests

It is important that all those involved in governance act impartially. All those involved in school governance have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs, and those of the school and the Trust. We keep a register of business interests for the LGB and maintain signed individual statements. In addition, individuals have a duty to declare any interest that could lead to questions of bias, when considering any item of business at a meeting and to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered.
The register of interests for our Members and Trustees can be found on the Q1E Trust website

Meet the LGB

Article ImageEmma Stace



I was elected as a local parent governor in 2017, but Belleville has been a part of my family’s community life for the past ten years. Our eldest son graduated from Belleville a few years ago, whilst our youngest child is in Reception. We live locally and as a working mum I have relied on the connections and friendships we have made at the school to bring up our children with a strong sense of belonging, within a community that values diversity and plays its part in ensuring that all children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
In my professional life, I work as a Director at the Department for Education. I have experience working across both the education and health sectors; I have been Executive Producer of Sesame Street in South Africa; led a charity aimed at supporting young people’s mental health in Australia and developed many online / digital educational and health interventions aimed at supporting young people. 
I wanted to be a local governor because it’s the right time for me to give back to a school that has given so much to our family. I am a natural collaborator and team builder and as a governor I want to ensure that the views of the children and parents of the school are heard. I hope the experiences I have in education nationally and internationally and my energy and commitment to the school will be helpful to Belleville as it continues to thrive as part of a Multi Academy Trust.

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Sarah Atherton

Headteacher Juniors


I have been working at Belleville since 2004 when I joined the school as a Year 6 teacher. Since September 2016 I have been the Headteacher for the Junior part of the school.
I have extensive experience in leading school improvement and prioritising areas for development, including leading on science, mathematics, Key Stage 2, Pupil Premium, assessment and inclusion. I have a keen attention to detail and my key skills include analysing, synthesising and presenting research and data; monitoring and tracking attainment and progress across the school; and leading training within and beyond school. I have been a staff governor at Belleville since 2006. 

Article ImagePaloma Belaunde

(co-opted parent)


I was delighted to become a co-oped parent governor in September 2019 after 2 years as chair of the Belleville PTA and 4 years as a trustee. After a 10 year marketing career with L’Oréal and, prior to that, 4 years in the City, I have devoted myself to the life of the school in order to improve our children's experiences and opportunities as well as creating an inclusive and cohesive community. During my time at the PTA, I gained valuable insights into the operations of the school, the challenges faced on a daily basis and what can be achieved with an incredibly supportive parent community. 

My three children were very fortunate to attend Belleville and received a wonderful education. With my youngest now in year 6, I have been a Belleville parent for over 10 years and have witnessed key school milestones – the expansion, the creation of the academy and the trust. I have always been impressed by the school’s constant drive to improve, adapt and renew the provision for our children.  However, there is more to do and, together with the teaching staff, we can continue to work tirelessly to address the most important issues.

I have a great attachment to the school and its staff and will do my utmost to support the senior leadership team to continue to provide the incredibly high standards of education and ensure Belleville is a nurturing and exemplary learning environment for all. 

Article ImageSamuel Bevan

Staff Governor


I have been working as a Class Teacher at Belleville since September 2018, and became Staff Governor in January 2020. Prior to joining Belleville I was a class teacher in a primary school in Southend on Sea, Essex, for three years. As a member of teaching staff I have my own class, but I also support the school as History Lead; developing our curriculum in partnership with other members of staff and across the trust. Unsurprisingly many pupils will tell you my favourite subject is History (along with all the others)!

Belleville is a wonderful school for children, staff and parents. The Local Governing Body is there to ensure the school continues to deliver, and improves on, an excellent education for its pupils, as well as a positive working environment for its staff. As a link between staff and the LGB, I ensure that staff views are represented where necessary in LGB meetings and decisions can be taken in the best interests of all members of the school community.

Article ImageSanjeev Chopra



I am delighted to have joined the Local Governing Body of Belleville School and to have taken up the position of Vice Chair.

Our son, Dylan, is in Year 4 and thriving at Belleville.

I have previously been involved in the school as a parent volunteer, attending on school trips, in establishing a morning cricket club and cooking & managing the curry stall at the summer & winter fairs.

I have lived in Battersea for 20 years and love the area and am proud that Belleville School forms such a big part of the local community. My wife and I are extremely fortunate to have forged many strong friendships with other parents.

I am also fortunate to have a great circle of local friends/parents, both within and outside of the school, which allows me to canvass and bring a variety of different ideas and views to the LGB and to use this network for the benefit of the school.

I have a particular desire to increase awareness around issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, which I will continually seek to promote within the school.

Article ImageLucelle Hendriks

Staff governor

I am very pleased to be joining the LGB from September 2019. I have been working at Belleville since 2017 in a supporting role. I started my career as a Human Resource Manager. After having my own children, my fascination for the development of young children grew and I completed a Bachelor in Primary Education. Before moving to London in 2017, I was based in the Middle East and worked there mainly in Early Years. 

As a parent and educator,I believe we need to stretch children, help them to achieve their full potential in a supportive and stimulating environment. I believe no child should experience school as a stressful journey. Belleville is a school where all children receive a high quality education and we do whatever it takes to support them. In my role as a governor, I want to support the school and make sure children keep receiving an outstanding education, where they will look back on a positive learning journey. 

Article ImageJessica Hill

(parent, elected)


I was delighted to join the LGB in September 2020 and look forward to supporting the school and you as parents/carers. I have a child in Year 3 at the Meteor Street site and a pre-schooler. I was born in central London and have lived locally for over 15 years. Our child is very happy at Belleville and our family values the friendships and sense of local community it brings.   

On a professional level, I'm a Chartered Marketer with over 20 years' experience as a marketing and communications specialist working in the arts and education sectors. I started out working in fundraising for a professional orchestra and then became Senior Marketing & Press Manager to the Royal Albert Hall. In 2018 I became Head of Marketing & Communications for one of the leading independent schools in the country.

I hope my expertise in marketing, communications, crisis management and the implementation of technology projects will be valuable to the school to improve communications with parents, carers and the local community.  I also wish to ensure that the wellbeing of children and staff remains at the forefront of the school's priorities, as well as the children's learning, especially during times of crisis. I also feel strongly about the importance of creative subjects like music, art and drama to children's overall development and hope to bring my many years of experience in this sector to support Belleville in this area too.

Article ImageRosie Ogle

(parent, elected)


I am grateful to have been elected parent governor in 2020. I currently have 3 children at the school, in reception, year 3 and year 5, and having lived in the area for over 15 years I have seen Belleville serve its community and adapt quickly to changes within it.  I have been an active parent at the school as class representative, as a trustee on the PTA and in organising the Christmas Shopping evening. Belleville has created a happy, supportive and collaborative environment for my children; I am keen to ensure Belleville remains community school of choice.

Prior to having children, I had over 10 years’ experience in human resource advice and strategy, most recently as a partner at an Investment Management firm.  After taking a break to concentrate on my children full time, I now work alongside my husband who owns a local business. I assist with strategic direction, growth and day to day administration.  More recently, I have started to volunteer for a local charity assisting young families in need, which has expanded my skillset and passion for assisting children in disadvantaged situations. I hope that my HR skills and experience of running a business can be used to the benefit of school governance.  People are the core of any organisation and in Belleville this is just as key – good teachers and accountable leadership can continue to provide an outstanding school for generations to come for a wide and diverse community.

Article ImageNina Vora


I am delighted to have been co-opted as a governor in Feb 2021. With two children thriving at Belleville (in reception and year 2), my family and I feel fortunate to have this caring, inclusive environment in which our children are nurtured and receive an excellent education. I have loved the times I have spent helping in the classroom, on school trips and helping at school events and am keen to be more involved.

Professionally, I am an infectious diseases and virology doctor balancing clinical work with clinical research, with much of my work involving working with vulnerable adults and children. I also sit on communications and guideline writing sub committees for a national medical body-all experiences which have enriched my communication and collaborative working skills. I am methodical and meticulous in my approach but also enthusiastic and adaptable and believe these are all important skills I can bring to the LGB.

I am involved in graduate and post graduate teaching and am versed in the challenges and joy teaching brings. I am also passionate about ALL children reaching their full potential, having formally mentored high achieving students from underrepresented backgrounds aspiring to become doctors for many years.

I aim to represent Belleville’s diverse community within the local governing body and utilise my range of skills and experience to work alongside the excellent team at Belleville to improve on their high standards for all our children.