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Our Local Governing Body (LGB)

Belleville's LGB includes parents (elected by the school's parent body), members of staff (elected by the school staff) and co-opted local governors (appointed by the local governing body and/or the Trustees, because they have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school).
What the LGB does
The school is overseen by the board of trustees for the Quality First Education Trust. The board delegates some governance functions to the LGB, as outlined in our scheme of delegation, which can be found on the trust website. Belleville's LGB works as a team of local governors to challenge, monitor and support the school, to make sure it provides a good quality education for its pupils. 

Contacting the LGB
If you wish to contact the local governing body you can write to us, care of the school office on either of our sites. Bring or send your letter to the school, marked for the attention of the Chair of the Local Governing Body, or email us directly at governors@bellevilleschool.org. However, please be aware that concerns should be managed in accordance with the school concerns and complaints policy, which means that local governors will not act unilaterally and may refer issues back to the school.

Meet the LGB

Fiona Wilkins (chair, co-opted)

I have been a governor at Belleville since 2009; I was a Parent Governor for four years and in 2013 I was co-opted onto the Governing Body for a second term of office. I chaired the Curriculum committee from 2014-17 and in September 2017 I was co-opted on to the Belleville Local Governing Body (LGB). The LGB was set up to concentrate on the safe and successful running of Belleville Webbs & Belleville Meteor sites. I am passionate about ensuring the school continues to look after and provide an outstanding education for all the children and takes full advantage of all the opportunities available by being part of the multi-academy trust.

Belleville has been a huge part of our family life since my oldest child started in Reception in 2005. My youngest moved on to Secondary school in 2017 but I am still a regular visitor to Belleville and hope I will remain a familiar face to parents. I work Monday to Thursday in a Wandsworth Secondary School as the Marketing & Communications Manager and come into regular contact with other local schools in this capacity.

Sarah Atherton (headteacher representative)

I have been working at Belleville since 2004 when I joined the school as a Year 6 teacher. Since September 2016 I have been the Headteacher for the Junior part of the school.
I have extensive experience in leading school improvement and prioritising areas for development, including leading on science, mathematics, Key Stage 2, Pupil Premium, assessment and inclusion. I have a keen attention to detail and my key skills include analysing, synthesising and presenting research and data; monitoring and tracking attainment and progress across the school; and leading training within and beyond school. I have been a staff governor at Belleville since 2006. 

Claire Bourke (co-opted)

I am very pleased to be joining the LGB from September 2018. I am an experienced HR and communications professional with almost 10 years experience in a top-tier law firm. I began my career as a corporate lawyer, before moving into my firm’s HR team.

I have a daughter who has just finished her Reception year at Meteor Street and we already feel very much a part of the Belleville community. We moved to the UK from Australia two years ago and chose to live in this area because of the excellent reputation of Belleville.

I have a strong belief in the value of high-quality state education. I think that equal access to a great education is fundamental to a thriving and inclusive society. I also believe local schools play a very important role in building and enhancing their broader community. Having moved across the globe to a new city, I’ve experienced first-hand how important it is to have a supportive local network and we feel so lucky to have found this at Belleville.I look forward to contributing as a governor to Belleville’s ongoing drive for excellence. 

Tino Davatzis (parent, elected)

I was elected as a local parent governor in 2017 and currently have three children at Belleville.  My wife and I have experienced first-hand the great benefits of being a part of the school community and the inclusive and encouraging environment in which the children are learning.  We are keen to see all areas of the school evolve and advance in what is a challenging financial setting. We strongly believe in celebrating, embracing and nurturing the existing diversity and inclusive nature of Belleville, continuing to provide the children with the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities where everyone can be afforded the chance to join in.
I am currently the Chief Financial Officer of a business unit at a global bank. Having worked across a diverse range of roles over the last 20 years, I’ve developed the experience and skills that are well suited to contribution as school governor in the current environment.   I have worked with The Young Foundation, whose objective is to support social ventures and enable disadvantaged young people to raise their educational attainment and as a mentor to a start-up company focused on education and also chaired a fund-raising effort to build a primary school in rural Madagascar. Education and its availability to all children is very important to me.

Emma Stace (local parent governor, elected)

I was elected as a local parent governor in 2017, but Belleville has been a part of my family’s community life for the past ten years. Our eldest son graduated from Belleville a few years ago, whilst our youngest child is in Reception. We live locally and as a working mum I have relied on the connections and friendships we have made at the school to bring up our children with a strong sense of belonging, within a community that values diversity and plays its part in ensuring that all children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
In my professional life, I work as a Director at the Department for Education. I have experience working across both the education and health sectors; I have been Executive Producer of Sesame Street in South Africa; led a charity aimed at supporting young people’s mental health in Australia and developed many online / digital educational and health interventions aimed at supporting young people. 
I wanted to be a local governor because it’s the right time for me to give back to a school that has given so much to our family. I am a natural collaborator and team builder and as a governor I want to ensure that the views of the children and parents of the school are heard. I hope the experiences I have in education nationally and internationally and my energy and commitment to the school will be helpful to Belleville as it continues to thrive as part of a Multi Academy Trust.

Sarita Tamber (parent, elected)

I was elected as a local parent governor in 2017. Having lived in the area for over 10 years I have always been aware of what an impressive school Belleville is. Now that our children are old enough to attend, I’m passionate about doing everything I can to help it maintain these high standards for pupils, parents and staff. My eldest son has been attending Belleville for nearly two years and in that time I have regularly volunteered with the PTA, in the classroom and at school events. Now that my youngest son has joined the school, I am keen to get even more involved by working as a local governor to help the school maintain its high standards.
I am a stay at home mother, having previously worked within large NHS organisations. I have experience of working with senior management and NHS board members so I totally understand the role governing boards play in holding leadership to account, while supporting them to achieve their goals. In an ever-changing political landscape a school governing body must have a good working knowledge of the school, both in its challenges and strengths and understanding where there is room for improvement.
I am committed to working with energy and enthusiasm to help Belleville maintain its outstanding standards and meet future challenges. As I am at the school gates daily I am always available to hear concerns and comments. It is a real privilege to represent parents and carers in this way.

Sophie Vanuxem (staff, elected)

I am a Deputy Head at Belleville. I began working at Belleville in 2012 as a teacher in Year 4. In 2014, I moved to Year 5, became year leader and a leader of science. In September 2017, I began my current role as deputy head, whilst continuing my responsibility for year 5 and science.
I have a wide range of primary teaching experience, having taught years 2 and 3 in a previous school.
I am passionate about children’s learning and well-being, as well as supporting and leading teachers in their development. I became a local governing in September 2017 and see this as an important commitment to our school. I believe whole-heartedly in the aims, systems and structures that have made Belleville so successful.  F

Declaration of interests

It is important that all those involved in governance act impartially. All those involved in school governance have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs, and those of the school and the Trust. We keep a register of business interests for the LGB and maintain signed individual statements. In addition, individuals have a duty to declare any interest that could lead to questions of bias, when considering any item of business at a meeting and to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered.
The register of interests for our Members and Trustees can be found on the Q1E Trust website