Dear Parents/Carers,
We have reached the end of the children’s first term at Belleville Nursery and what an amazing first term it has been! The children have worked very hard and we are very proud of all of their achievements over the term, including their recent Christmas performances; we hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!
Our topic for Spring 1 is ‘People Who Help Us’. At the end of this letter you will find an overview outlining what we will cover each week.
Next half term we will also be starting Phase 2 of our phonics “Letters and Sounds” programme which introduces children to the letters s, a, t, p and the pure sounds that they make. Each week we will have a ‘sound of the week’. At the end of the half-term, we will have 2 weeks where we will be learning to blend (push) the individual sounds we have learnt together to say a word (e.g. t-a-p=tap).
We will also be introducing a number of the week and next half term we will be looking at numbers 1-5. Please help your child with this at home.
Books and Book bags
Please ensure that your child has a book bag that they bring in to school every day. This can be used to take books home from our
”Book Borrowing Library”. Please remember to sign out books borrowed from the library in the cloakroom and to cross it out when the book is returned, putting it into the correct day’s box for quarantining..
Uniform and spare clothes
Please ensure all items of clothing are named clearly. Every child will also need a bag of weather appropriate spare clothes to hang on their peg. If your child has had a toilet accident or becomes wet from playing in the water tray, we will change your child into their spare clothes and put the wet clothes in a plastic bag on your child’s peg. If your child has had to borrow Nursery spare clothing, please wash them and return the clothes to us as soon as possible. Please note we are a uniformed Nursery and, as such, require children to wear the correct Belleville School uniform.
Appropriate clothing
As the days are getting colder, please ensure your child comes to school in a coat, hat and appropriate foot wear (if they come to school in wellies, please bring a separate pair of shoes, as the children find it difficult to cross their legs in wellies). Children have continual access to the outside area but need to be wearing a coat to do so. Please also encourage your child to remove their own coat when they start the session and put it on their peg. This will enable them to find it later when they wish to access the outside area.

Toys from home
Please continue to avoid child bringing in any toys or other items from home due to the current regulations.
If you are concerned about anything, please do not hesitate to come and have a chat with either of the Nursery teachers: Lucy Cliff and Clare Trotter.
Yours sincerely,
Laura Britten (Assistant Headteacher, Early Years) Lucy Cliff Clare Trotter



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