Welcome to Year 1

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                                    

Welcome to Year 1! We hope you had a wonderful summer. The children have settled in beautifully to their new classes. In order for you to find out more about Year 1 and meet the Year 1 team, we will be holding an informal parents meeting on Monday 9th September at 3.45pm. This meeting will take place at Webbs for 1C, 1G and 1S in the 1C classroom. On the same day at 3.45pm we will hold a meeting at Meteor Street for 1B. This meeting will take place in the 1B classroom. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please find below an overview of the topics that we will cover this half term. We hope you will find this useful.


Children start the term with a recount unit based on ‘Fred’s Day out’. The children will be using our Phonics bear Fred’s story as inspiration for writing their own recounts of a day at school. Following this, they will be reading ‘Traction Man’. Using inspiration from this story, the children will write their own exciting narrative and book review.


The children will begin with looking at and understanding the value of numbers to 10, including 0. They will further learn how to order and compare these numbers. Following this, children will look at how two numbers can be added to make a bigger number. The children will explore different ways to make numbers up to 10. To finish the half term, children will begin to learn about addition with numbers up to 10. Within this, the children will learn the method of counting on and will begin to create their own methods for solving addition.


Children will be studying our local area as part of our ‘Where do we live?’ topic. This will include a trip to Northcote Road. More information will follow about this trip.


Children will be learning all about everyday materials and how they are used for different purposes. They will be carrying out simple investigations to predict and test the properties of materials. Children will also begin the topic of ‘Our changing world’. We will revisit this topic every half term and track how trees and plants are affected as a result of changing weather and seasons. 


Children will be taught by our specialist music teacher Samantha Hughes. They will be exploring sound and learning about duration. Children will have the opportunity to learn how to play percussion instruments and to compose, sing and play long and short sound sequences.   

ICT and Computing

This term the children will be using iPad software to make a film of ‘Fred’s day out’.


Children will be singing songs and playing games to learn numbers to 10 and greetings in French.


Children will be learning about ‘Belonging’ and thinking about how they belong to their school, town, country and the world.

P.E days


Monday, Period 2

Dance with Ms Robbins


Tuesday, Period 3

Games with Ms George


Monday, Period 1

Dance with Ms Robbins


Tuesday, Period 1

Games with Ms George


Monday, Period 3

Dance with Ms Robbins


Tuesday, Period 2,
Games with Ms George



Monday, Period 1

Games with Ms George


Tuesday, Period 4

Dance with Ms Robbins

Please ensure that your child has suitable clothes and trainers for outdoor P.E. and that everything is clearly labelled.

Please note if your child has P.E. period 1 or period 2 they are to come to school dressed in their P.E. uniform with their school uniform in their P.E. bags. If they have P.E. period 3 or 4 they will bring their PE kit in their bags.

Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)

In the autumn term the theme is: ‘Understanding our feelings’. A range of feelings (e.g. happy, sad, brave, afraid, angry, calm, generous, selfish) will be explored through storybooks, poetry, role play and discussion activities. We will be developing children’s language to describe different feelings, how an emotion may feel in our bodies and how our feelings can link to our actions.

The children will also have a weekly Circle Time session. This is a structured class discussion which helps children to understand and support each other. The children have been introduced to Sage, the Circle Time puppet, and will be sharing their ideas about a range of themes, for example: saying good things about ourselves, cooperating with others in work and play, learning from mistakes, knowing what to do if anyone is being hurt, trying to be fair, how to show we are sorry, what makes us all special.

Reading books

The children receive a guided reading book from their class teacher once a week. We will begin sending books home next week. This book is read as a group and will be changed by the class teacher.  

Reading records

All the children will be given a reading record. Please read the class teacher’s comments and write a comment each week after reading with them at home. Children will receive one homework task per week linked to the Guided Reading book they have been reading in class. They will also receive some ‘words to learn’ which they should learn to read and spell at home and record on the grid provided. Please ensure that your child’s Guided Reading book and record is in their book bag everyday as their reading day may occasionally change.

Healthy snacks

As Belleville is a healthy school and a nut free school, we remind you that children are provided with a piece of fruit at playtime and do not need to bring in their own snack from home.

Many thanks,

The Year 1 team

Hannah Coles                 Rose Spring                   Emily Grove                         Gus Brooks (Meteor)                


Download the Year 1 presentation to parents

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