Welcome to Year 1

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have settled into Year one very well and have been working very hard this half term. Please find below an overview of the topics we will cover in autumn 2. We hope you will find this useful.


Children will be reading stories with familiar settings such as ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘Dogger’. They will also be writing instructions and creating their own poems. 


The children will gain understanding of ordinal language, using words such as ‘first’, ‘second’ and ‘third’, as well as directional language for left and right. By the end of the half term, the children will have learnt how to count and compare numbers to 20 in a range of contexts. They will also learn how to read, write and manipulate equations using these numbers.


This term the children will be learning what we mean by the term ‘past’, and how their own childhoods differ from those of their parents and grandparents.  If any parents/ carers or grandparents would like to come in and share their experiences with the children, please do let us know! 

Design &Technology

This term the children will be designing and making a moving picture book based on the story ‘The night before Christmas’.


The children will be continuing to learn all about materials and their properties.  They will also be observing how leaves change depending on the season and will consider how the seasons and weather changes as the year progresses.


Children will be learning songs that feature within our Christmas production. Please note the Year 1 Christmas concert will be held on Friday 13th December at St Michael’s Church. More information will follow. 

ICT and computing

In ICT the children will be exploring how to make and edit a movie using iMovie software.


Children will continue to explore the theme of ‘Understanding our feelings’. A range of feelings (e.g. happy, sad, brave, afraid, angry, calm, generous, selfish) will be explored through storybooks, poetry, roleplay and discussion activities. The children will also continue with their weekly Circle Time sessions, to help them to understand and support each other.


Children will be learning about different types of celebrations during an ‘RE day’. They will be learning about how people celebrate their birthdays, Hanukkah, Diwali and Christmas. If you would like to volunteer to speak to the class about any of these celebrations please let your child’s class teacher know.


All children require a complete change of clothes for PE in the school colours of light blue, navy blue or white, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, sports trainers and jumpers when the weather gets colder. If PE is before morning break, children may arrive at school dressed in their PE kit bringing their school uniform in a bag to change into. If PE is at the end of the day, your child should come to school in their uniform and will come home in their PE kit. We would also ask that all school uniform and belongings are clearly labelled with name and class to ensure safe return.

It is particularly important that jewellery is not worn on PE days. 

Children that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.


Children will explore creatively the current classroom topics to compose solo, group and class dances that they are able to share and comment on.

Outdoor Games

Children will focus on attacking and defending (for invasion games), finding and moving into space. They will play simple games with a partner to practice these skills.

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Reading books

The children receive a guided reading book from their class teacher once a week. This book is read as a group and will be changed by the class teacher.   Please ensure that your child’s guided reading book is in their book bag every day, as their reading day may occasionally change.

Reading records

All children have a reading record which needs to be in their book bag at all times. Please read the class teacher’s comments and write any comments you wish to make after reading with your child at home.

Theatre trip

Year one are going to the Lyric Theatre to watch a performance of ‘Father Christmas’. More information will follow shortly after the half term break.


Thank you for your continued support,

Year 1 team

Hannah Coles                 Rose Spring                   Emily Grove                         Gus Brooks (Meteor)                


Download the Year 1 presentation to parents

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