Welcome to Year 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have continued to settle into Year 2 very well and have been working hard this half term. They should be very proud of a successful start to the year. Please find below an overview of the topics we will cover in Autumn 2. We hope you will find this useful.


Writing explanations about how to stay safe on bonfire night and how the Great Fire of London spread so quickly.

Reading and writing traditional tales including alternative versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Handwriting where the children will start to learn to join their letters. 

Grammar, phonics and spellings. Please continue to support your child to learn their spellings each week.


Addition and subtraction: We will focus on using number bonds to and within 20 and using the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction to check our answers and solve missing number problems.

Multiplication and division including learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Measuring and comparing length, height and width in metres and centimetres, as well as solving problems involving length.

Measuring and comparing mass in grams and kilograms.

Please note, there are some useful resources available on the school’s website should you want to further support your children with reading and maths at home.


Our topic this half term is Materials. The children will be learning about the different properties of materials and their uses. They will be investigating which materials are best for different purposes and why. 


The children will be learning about the Great Fire of London, what happened during the fire and how we still know about it today.


The children will be looking at, and using, software on the iPad to create an iBook about the Great Fire of London and thinking about the use of font and styles for effect.


As an introduction to surrealism year 2 will look at the work of Spanish artist Joan Miro. They will make a watercolour wash background for a drawing from their imagination. They will then make 3D card sculptures of characters inspired by Miro sculptures.


This half term year 2 will be focusing on learning various songs for their end of term performance. They will also start to learn how to play the ocarina including how to hold and blow it accurately.


The children will learn the names of some animals and some food, numbers up to 31 and will read stories in French including Bon Appetit! By Monsieur Lapin.


Year 2 will be taught outdoor games and gymnastics this term. All children require a complete change of clothes for PE in the school colours of light blue, navy blue or white, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, sports trainers and jumpers when the weather gets colder. If PE is before morning break, children may arrive at school dressed in their PE kit bringing their school uniform in a bag to change into. If PE is at the end of the day, your child should come to school in their uniform and will come home in their PE kit. We would also ask that all school uniform and belongings are clearly labelled with names and classes to ensure safe return.

It is particularly important that jewellery is not worn on PE days. Those that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.

During outdoor games in Autumn 2 the children will focus on attacking and defending for invasion games. They will run, chase and dodge using space, playing in role of attacker and defender, send and receive objects with a partner and in small sided games. The children will begin to demonstrate their understanding of simple tactics.

Each class will have P.E. on the following day:

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We hope you have a lovely half term.

Thank you,

Year 2 Team

Sarah Peach        Sam Bevan     Hayley Williams-MacPherson      Samantha Burst       Rachel Carruthers   



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