Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing half term break. Outlined below is a brief overview of topics we will be covering in each curriculum area next half term. Please note, we have sent home a permission slip for a school trip to the Florence Nightingale museum, which will be happening in March, so please look out for this in the book bags.


We will be writing extended stories based on different animal stories (including Zap! by Dick King Smith).

We will be starting to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and writing for different purposes based on this book. 

We will continue to focus on improving spellings, handwriting, grammar and punctuation.

Please continue to encourage your child to practise their joined handwriting at home as well as the spellings given out each week in their reading record. 


We will learn about money. The children will learn to recognise different coins and notes, combine amounts of money, make an amount in different ways and find change.

We will learn about 2D and 3D shapes, including their names and properties.

We will learn to rotate and move shapes using vocabulary of full turn, half turn, quarter turn, three quarter turn, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Please continue to practise addition and subtraction (using the column method) as well as the 2, 5 and 10 times tables including the division facts for these times tables with your child.


In science this half term, our topic is plants. Year 2 will learn about the life cycle of a plant and the difference between healthy and unhealthy plants. Children will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. They will learn about what plants need to grow and stay healthy and will learn the scientific vocabulary associated with seeds and bulb’s growth.


This half term we will be learning about rivers in geography. Children will learn to locate the source and mouth of a range of rivers in the UK and will learn about the impacts of river pollution, suggesting ways we can reduce this.


The children will learn how to produce digital artwork in ICT this half term.


Our RE topic this half term will focus on ‘rules’ and how religious and non-religious rules affect lives.  Children will be encouraged to make connections between beliefs and know that some practices are common in more than one religion. They will be able to express their views and opinions and will learn to explain what is important to them and to other people, understanding that we all have different views.


We will continue our topic ‘keeping ourselves healthy and safe’ in PSHCE and circle time this half term.


Pupils have started learning the vocabulary and names for different animals. This half term children will continue to learn more vocabulary for various foods. To support them with this, children will continue to read the story ‘La chenille qui fait des trous’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar). In addition, they will continue to consolidate and practice the days of the week, numbers 1-30 and the colours.


This term year 2 will continue to learn how to play the Ocarina and will be focusing on learning how to hold the ocarina and play the A and G sounds. Children will be working towards playing songs with the sounds DBAG using crotchet, minims, semibreves and their rests.

PE –

Year 2 will be taught outdoor games and dance this term. All children require a complete change of clothes for PE in the school colours of light blue, navy blue or white, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, sports trainers and jumpers when the weather gets colder. If PE is before morning break, children may arrive at school dressed in their PE kit bringing their school uniform in a bag to change into. If PE is at the end of the day, your child should come to school in their uniform and will come home in their PE kit. We would also ask that all school uniform and belongings are clearly labelled with names and classes to ensure safe return.It is particularly important that jewellery is not worn on PE days. Those that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.

During outdoor games in Spring 2 the children will continue to focus on kicking skills. The children will explore dribbling, passing and receiving a ball using different parts of the feet.  They will practice how to control the ball using feet, passing towards a target working both individually, in pairs and in small groups. We will also work on how to accept defeat in competitive activities.

In dance, the children will explore creatively the current classroom topics to compose solo, group and class dances that they are able to comment on.

Each class will have P.E. on the following days:

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Thank you for your continued support,

Year 2 Team

Sarah Peach        Sam Bevan     Hayley Williams-MacPherson      Samantha Burst       Rachel Carruthers   



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