Welcome to Year 3

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back and happy new year! We hope you and your children had an enjoyable holiday. Please find below information about this term and what the children in Year 3 will learn.

This term, the children will be reading ‘George Speaks’ by Dick King Smith. They will learn how to write dialogue, including using the correct punctuation, and will write their own narrative based on ‘George Speaks’ using these skills. The children will then read ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch and learn to write a persuasive letter and a book review based on the story. Towards the end of this half term, Year 3 will use what they have learnt in their history topic to write a set of instructions for mummification.

Children will continue to be given a list of spellings in their reading records each week. They should practise spelling these words at home. They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class.

The children receive a guided reading book from their class teacher once a week. This book is read as a group and will be changed by the class teacher. Please ensure that your child’s guided reading book and reading record is in their book bag every day. The children should also take a book home to read from the class library. Please make sure all books are returned to school.

The children will continue to learn to measure and convert lengths using centimetres, metres and kilometres. They will then move onto learning about mass and volume. They will read weighing scales in grams and kilograms and measure volume and capacity in millilitres and litres. The children will solve a range of problems involving measurements. Year 3 will then learn about money including how to add and subtract money and calculate change.

The children will continue to develop their knowledge of times tables and we will focus on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Times tables are key facts to learn and any extra practise at home is very helpful.

This term, Year 3 will be learning about rocks and soils. They will be taught to name different types of rocks and classify whether they are sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous rocks. They will compare different rocks and group them together based on their appearance of simple physical properties. The children will understand the difference between rocks and minerals and understand the different properties that rocks can have. The children will also look at different types of soil and find out what soil is made from and finally will learn about how fossils are formed.

Year 3 will be studying the Ancient Egyptians. They will learn about the nature of ancient civilisations and will learn about the achievements of the ancient civilisations. We are very fortunate to be going on two trips to enrich this topic and see some of the ancient Egyptian artefacts in real life. Further information will follow with details of these trips.

We will be visiting the British Museum on the following dates:
Tuesday 11th February 2020: 3S and 3C
Wednesday 12th February 2020: 3G
Thursday 13th February 2020: 3E and 3D

We will also be visiting the Saatchi Gallery to see the treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb on the following dates:
Tuesday 4th February 2020: 3S and 3C
Wednesday 11th March 2020: 3G (next half term)
Friday 20th March 2020: 3E (next half term)
Wednesday 25th March 2020: 3D (next half term)

This term, Year 3’s topic will be ‘Keeping Ourselves Healthy and Safe’. The children will learn lots of different ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, as well as different ways to stay safe.

Using Sketch Book Pro on the iPad, the children will be creating animated drawings. They will then use Book Creator to display their pictures into a book.

Year 3’s French topic this term will be ‘At School’. They will learn to say how they travel to school, list the contents of their pencil case, name school subjects, tell the time and name the different rooms in a school.

Art and Design
Year 3 will look at the close up paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe and use pastels and charcoal to create observational life drawing studies of flowers and skulls.

This term, Year 3 will start by continuing with the notes B, A and G on the recorder and work at improving their finger co-ordination and playing more challenging songs. They will then be working on playing songs, reading music, composing and improving using the notes B, A, G, C and D.

All children require a complete change of clothes for PE in the school colours of light blue, navy blue or white, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, sports trainers and jumpers when the weather gets colder. If PE is before morning break (period 1 or 2), children may arrive at school dressed in their PE kit bringing their school uniform in a bag to change into. If PE is at the end of the day, your child should come to school in their uniform and will come home in their PE kit. We would also ask that all school uniform and belongings are clearly labelled with name and class to ensure safe return. It is particularly important that jewellery is not worn on PE days. Those that have PE clubs before school are still expected to change into uniform during register time.

Outdoor games will continue with invasion games, continuing to develop the fundamental movement skills for the tactics and awareness required to attach, defend, pass, receive, aim and score in team games. Children will explore using a variety of balls for invasion sports, developing their skills in controlling the ball with both hands and feet and begin playing small sided games. In Dance, the children will creatively explore the current classroom topics to compose solo, group and class dances that they are able to share and comment on.

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Homework for maths and English will continue to be set on a Wednesday and should be completed by Monday morning. The purpose of their homework is to consolidate what the children have been learning in class and should take no longer than 30 minutes. We recommend that your child has a piece of paper and a pencil to help them with their Mathletics homework. Your child will also be set reading homework on a weekly basis depending on which day they read with their teacher. We strongly recommend that you hear your child read and/or read to your child every day.

Class Assemblies
You are invited to come and watch your child show what they have been learning in their class assemblies this term.
3S: Thursday 23rd January 2020 at 3.05pm at Webb’s Road.
3E: Thursday 30th January 2020 at 3.05pm at Webb’s Road.
3G: Thursday 6th February 2020 at 3.05pm at Webb’s Road.
3D: Thursday 6th February 2020 at 3.05pm at Meteor Street.
3C: Thursday 5th March 2020 at 3.05pm at Webb’s Road.

Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 3 team

Megan Shaw (3S – Year Leader)       Tom Greene (3G)     Alex Edwards (3E)            

Ellen Cheetham (3C)                                                Sandy Deligiorgi (3D)

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