Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to another term in Year 4! We have already had lots happening in school and are looking forward to a successful term. Just a reminder that the school day begins at 9.05. It is important that all children are on time so that they do not miss the register or the beginning of the first lesson, which starts at 9.15.

This term starts with exploring form in poetry. The children will be looking at poems from the anthology Sensational with poems chosen by Roger McGough with a focus on haikus, figurative language and narrative poems. Following this, the children will learn about a book called Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill. Inspired by this fantastic tale about the life of Polar Explorer, Ernest Shackleton, the children will be writing explanation texts about expeditions, persuasive letters, newspaper reports and speeches.   Once again, there will be a strong focus on reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

This term we will be focusing on developing a secure understanding of division by using the ‘bus stop’ method and dividing large numbers with remainders. The children will revisit graphs and data. They will begin to learn about continuous and discreet data and learn how to represent it on bar and line graphs. We will focus on ordering fractions, understanding mixed numbers and finding equivalent fractions through problem solving. Towards the end of the half time, the children will revisit their learning on time by reading and recording time on a 12 and 24 hour clock. They will also be converting units of time and solving time related problems. Year 4 continue to work on the times tables and related division facts, from the 2x to 12x.

Our topic this term is ‘Sound’. This includes: how sounds are made, recognising the way it travels and exploring pitch and volume. The children will explore vibrations caused by sounds and learn how sound travels through a medium (solid, liquid or gas) to the ear. They will also experiment with muffling sounds and creating their own instrument that can play different pitches.

Our new geography unit is based around ‘Polar Environments’. The children will learn about typical characteristics of Polar regions and understand the similarities and differences between our local environment and Polar environments. Through this unit, the children will use images, maps and globes and learn about human and physical features of an environment. Children will also be learning about climate change and the effect it is having on the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Our topic this term is ‘Believing and Belonging’ within the Sikh faith. This will include learning about religious traditions and how these can impact on culture.  

This term the children will take part in an ICT day project which focuses on animation. They will be using their learning about teeth from Science last half term to create a presentation on how to care for teeth.
This term the children will be looking at the topic of ‘Keeping Ourselves Healthy and Safe’. They will be unpicking what this involves and will explore different ideas and scenarios. This will include anxiety, e-safety, mental health and some lessons on drugs and alcohol. More detailed information will be sent before we start teaching this unit.

In their art lessons Year 4 will be looking at the artist Vincent Van Gogh and learn about his style and medium of work. Inspired by Van Gogh, the children will create their own landscapes and learn to build up texture using layers of marks. At the beginning of February we will be taking the children to see the portraits that were taken of them in Year 3 at the Tate Gallery – more details to follow.

In each class the children, in groups of ten, will continue to be taught brass, string or woodwind instruments by a specialist instrumental tutor.  This term, the children be will developing the range of notes on their instrument, understanding musical notation and learn to play as an ensemble. There will be an end of term concert where the 30 string players, 30 woodwind players and 30 brass players will perform together for the first time.
This will be held on Thursday 19th March in the morning and we would love to invite you to be part of the audience- more details to follow.

The children will be learning how to describe what people look like. There will be a focus on colours for hair and eyes, describing physical features, a person’s personality and using the third person to be and to have.
Online English and maths homework will continue to be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by Monday morning. This homework should take no longer than 40 minute for your child to complete in each subject. If your child is struggling to complete it in this time, please let us know and we can adjust the amount and/or difficulty of what is being set for your child.
Children will continue to receive weekly reading homework in their reading records. This will be based on the discussion from their reading session and should be completed in their reading record. Please ensure their reading record is returned in time for the following week’s session. Please do continue to listen to and/or read to your child every night – we expect that children should have another book at home that they are reading and they are encouraged to borrow books form their class library if they don’t have a book at home.
Times tables up to 12x12 should be practiced regularly to build up speed and fluency, including division facts.
Words to learn will be sent home every Monday and tested the following week in a dictation. Children should be practicing these spellings at home.

Children require a complete change of clothes for PE, including suitable footwear. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing.  We would also ask that all school uniform and lunchboxes be clearly labelled with name and class to ensure safe return.

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All children are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for break time. This should consist of fruit, vegetables or a small savoury sandwich – no crisps, biscuits, cakes, cake bars etc. It is also advisable that the children bring in a bottle of water labelled with their name on a daily basis.

Teachers are available before and after school in the playground. If you are unable to speak to us at drop-off or pick-up times for any reason, please make an appointment to discuss any queries or concerns through the school office.

Kind Regards

The Year 4 Team

Ailee Kemeny (Year leader - 4K)        Stephanie Grosvenor (4G)         Imogen Hocking (4H)      Catriona Hill (4CH)


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