Welcome to Year 4

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children have settled into year four very well and have enjoyed getting to know their new classmates. They have worked very hard this half term and are thoroughly enjoying learning their new instruments. Please find below an overview of the topics we will cover in Autumn 2. We hope you find this useful.


The children will be writing stories from contrasting perspectives based on a book called ‘A Tale of Two Beasts’. They will also explore the structure of texts by looking at Ted Hughes’s classic, ‘The Iron Man’. In spelling grammar, the children will be learning about synonyms and antonyms, fronted adverbials and revise the rules for adding prefixes and suffixes to words.


This term will have a particular focus on the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables and related division facts. Please continue to support your child at home if they are not confident with their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables yet. They will be applying their knowledge of times tables to problem solving. They will also be learning and revising formal written methods to multiply and divide large 2 and 3 digit numbers, including the bus stop method for division.


Our science topic this half term focuses on states of matter and the children will be learning to compare and group materials according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. They will carry out experiments to observe the change in some materials when they are heated or cooled and identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle.


The children will continue their learning about the Tudors but the focus will shift to Elizabeth I. We are very much looking forward to our trips to Hampton Court Palace on the 20th and 22nd of November and further details about this trip will follow shortly.

Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)
The theme this term will continue to be: ‘Understanding our feelings’. A range of feelings (e.g. happy, sad, brave, afraid, angry, calm, generous, selfish) will be explored through storybooks, poetry, roleplay and discussion activities. We will be developing children’s language to describe different feelings, how an emotion may feel in our bodies and how our feelings can link to our actions


The children will be learning about Hinduism. They will explore the beliefs, traditions, celebrations shared by followers of the Hindu faith.

The children will be using block-based visual programming to control the Sphero Orbs.

Physical Education:

After half term children will build on team work through invasion games, focusing on fundamental movement skills for attack, defense, dodging and spatial awareness. Pupils will improve their skills of passing, receiving, aiming and tactics. They will work in small groups both cooperatively and competitively, with an emphasis on team skills, fair play and good sportsmanship.

4K will continue their swimming lessons for the first 4 weeks of term to complete their 10 week block and then 4CH will begin their swimming lessons (a separate letter will follow).

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The children will continue their music lessons from the first week back after half term. Your child will take their instrument home every Thursday after their lesson and will be required to practise their instrument as instructed by their instrument teacher.

Please be reminded that their instruments will need to be in school every Thursday. If instruments break or are damaged, please do not try to fix them at home, send them into school so that your child’s instrument teacher can assess the damage and fix it for them.


Thinking about the problems we face in the environment and the extinction of many insect species, Year 4 will make 3D insects using recycled materials and the learning from the close observation drawing studies they made this half term in their art lessons.‚Äč


The topic next half term will be ‘My Town’. The children will learn to talk about what is in their town and give directions. They will also start to say the names of shops and learn how to ask how much something costs.  

Towards the end of next half term, the children will be taking part in a DT project where they will be designing and making Tudor purses. They will be learning to join material by hand sewing.

Important dates:

Hampton Court Palace Trips
Wednesday November 20th – 4G and 4CH
Friday November 22nd – 4H and 4K

Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 4 Team

Ailee Kemeny (Year leader - 4K)        Stephanie Grosvenor (4G)         Imogen Hocking (4H)      Catriona Hill (4CH)


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