Welcome to Year 5

Dear Year 5 children, parents and carers,

This letter briefly sets out the content of the curriculum for Autumn 2 and gives information about upcoming key dates and events

Start and end of day

We would like to remind you that the school day begins at 9:05. It is important that all children are on time so that they do not miss the beginning of the first lesson. At the beginning of the day, your child needs to line up with their class teacher in the playground and your child must ensure that they always say goodbye to the teacher at the end of the day.  In order to keep your child safe, teachers will only allow your child to go home with someone else if you have clearly given permission to your child’s teacher or the school office before 3pm.

In order to ensure that we are working closely with parents and carers, it is important that we keep communication open. If you have any questions or comments about any issue relating to your child’s education, please do not hesitate to come and see us in the playground or leave a message with the office. All teachers are in the playground before and after school on a daily basis.


We encourage the children to bring in a healthy snack for break time. This should consist of fruit (fresh or dried), vegetables or a small savoury sandwich. It is also advisable that the children bring in a bottle of water on a daily basis, labelled with their name.


Online homework for Maths and English will be set on Wednesday, and should be completed by Monday morning. Please support your child with homework and let us know if there are any problems or queries.

Guided Reading and spelling homework

All children will be given a guided reading book and reading record which they will be expected to bring into school every day. Your child will be set reading homework on a weekly basis depending on which day they read with their teacher. In addition to their reading homework, we ask that Year 5 children read for 25 minutes a day covering as wide a range of genres as possible. This can be through reading aloud to adults or children or time spent reading independently.

Children will be given a list of spellings in their reading records each week. They should practise spelling these words at home using a range of strategies they have been taught. They will then be tested on these spellings through dictations in class the following week. Please sign the reading record to confirm you have seen the homework and your child has practised the weekly spellings.


This half term, the children will study written explanations about the Battle of Marathon, children will learn how to write academically to inform and explain, whilst engaging the reader. We will focus on the short animation, ‘The Piano’, by Aidan Gibbons to develop writing skills to convey emotion and build atmosphere.


In maths, the children will be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000, multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, dividing 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers and exploring word problems.


The science themes will continue to study materials, which will incorporate investigative work. The children will be comparing and investigating the properties of everyday materials such as wood, plastic and metal and how they are used.


During the second half of term, in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the children will build on their existing knowledge of programming and coding to make a battle game using Kodu.


We are continuing to learn about Ancient Greece in this term. We will we will build on our knowledge of everyday life, the battle of Marathon, theatre and festivals, the legacy of Ancient Greece and key figures from the period. We will be visiting the British Museum to consolidate our learning – please see overleaf for dates.


This half term, the children will continue to learn vocabulary and grammar that they might use when ordering food and drinks in a café or restaurant. They will explore the different flavours of ice-cream and asking how much an ice-cream might cost.


This term children will be working towards their Christmas performance and learning to sing the songs that form part of the performance.   Please note none of the songs have a religious theme so that everyone can take part in music. We will all be listening to and exploring Antonio Vivaldi – ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’, Allegro non molto (1st mvt) from the BBC trailblazers series.


The children will look at the way a designer works, what they must consider in terms of aesthetics and function when designing a shoe. They will then realise their design in a 3D clay sculpted form.


Your child will be taught  games and dance by our PE teacher Ms Ogunyemi. The focus in games will be on developing effective team work through OAA (Outdoor and Adventurous Activities). 

They will work individually and in small groups to solve problems, working both cooperatively and competitively, with an emphasis on the qualities required to make an effective team. In indoor PE the children will be exploring contemporary dance through online Ballet Boyz resource.

Please ensure that your child has appropriate kit including footwear (trainers) for both of these sessions. If the children have PE during period 1 or 2 the children can come to school in their kit; bringing their usual uniform with them to change into after the lesson. When the children have PE period 4 they can go home in their PE kits.

PE will take place on the following days:

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Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)

This half term, the children will be continuing to discuss ‘Understanding our feelings’. A range of feelings (e.g. happy, sad, brave, afraid, angry, calm, generous, selfish) will be explored through storybooks, poetry, roleplay and discussion activities. We will be developing children’s language to describe different feelings, how an emotion may feel in our bodies and how our feelings can link to our actions.

The children will also have a weekly Circle Time session. This is a structured class discussion which helps children to understand and support each other. The children have been introduced to Sage, the Circle Time puppet, and will be sharing their ideas about a range of themes, for example: saying good things about ourselves, cooperating with others in work and play, learning from mistakes, knowing what to do if anyone is being hurt, trying to be fair, how to show we are sorry, what makes us all special.

Useful Dates

14th November: 5LT and 5G Trip to British Museum

15th November: 5F and 5W trip to British Museum

Family Assemblies

5F –     Thursday 7th November 2019

5W –    Thursday 14th November 2019

5G  –    Thursday 21st  November 2019

5LT  –  Thursday 21st  November 2019

We hope you find this information useful in supporting your child at home.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Andrew Furniss (5F, Year 5 Leader)

Toby Gallagher (5G)    Caroline Wells (5W)     Clare Trotter and Siobhan Lindsay (5LT) 


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