Dear Parents/Carers of children in Year 6,

We hope you had a relaxing half term with your friends and family. We have already had a lot happening in the first half of this term and we are looking forward to a successful second half term. Just a reminder that the school day begins at 9.05. It is important that all children are on time so that they do not miss the register or the beginning of the first lesson, which starts at 9.15.


This half term we will continue our work on the key text ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. In writing, the children will explore ideas around the yellow-spotted lizard that is in the text and producing a report on it. They will also be journalists and write a newspaper report about an event in the book. The children will continue to develop their use of grammar, punctuation and spelling.


During this half term, the children will study algebra, negative numbers, area and perimeter, coordinates including translating and reflecting shapes on a coordinate grid, geometry of quadrilateral, triangles and circles.


The children will continue to study the unit ‘Electricity’ in which we will be comparing and giving reasons for variations in how components function, including bulbs, buzzers and switches. We will also represent circuits using recognised symbols. This unit takes place over the whole spring term.

History and Geography

For the first part of the half term, children will continue to explore the historical question of ‘Who are the British?’ which investigates movement and settlement in the UK and in our local area, through a variety of primary and secondary sources.

For the second part, children will study Earthquakes, Mountains, and Volcanoes. In this unit we discover how and why volcanoes and earthquakes happen as well as the concept of continental drift. This will also include a visit to the Natural History Museum at the end of the term. Letters with further details are to follow.


Over the Spring term, children will be learning about keeping themselves heathy and safe. The unit includes talking about feelings, drug education and online safety.  A letter outlining the content of the lessons will be sent out separately.


Year 6 will be working with Mr Lynch on developing their programming using the LEGO EV3 robots. This will include creating algorithms, making use of sensors and motors, to direct the robots to follow a line.


Children will look carefully at the work of Henry Moore to understand the way he has used line to show the contours of the 3D figurative forms. They will produce a personal response to his work and use different materials and mark making to explore their understanding of line, composition and perspective.


This term children will have indoor and outdoor PE. It is essential that the children bring a change of t-shirt, shorts/jogging bottoms and suitable footwear. Could you please ensure all kits and school uniform are clearly marked with your child’s full name. Children are allowed to bring in a roll on deodorant if they wish (no sprays please).

In games, children will learn about net wall sports. They will be playing modified games of tennis, volleyball, sitting volleyball and badminton. They will also use a variety of equipment to enhance their skills of these games and practice skills independently, in pairs and small groups. They will work both cooperatively and competitively to score points. We will also encourage tennis etiquette by shaking hands over the net to finish games as well as the rules of play.

In dance, Y6 will be learning a line dance with repeating step patterns. They will also be adding some of their own ideas in to help Early Years as the whole school will perform the same dance together to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. They will also learn and recreate some popular WWII dances from popular songs and dance crazes from that era.

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We are very pleased that Year 6 are participating in the borough-wide singing project led by the Wandsworth Music Service vocal leaders throughout the spring term. Those parents and carers with older children may well remember the fantastic performances from previous years – we will be writing to you later in the term with some dates for your diaries.


Throughout this term, children are exploring the unit ‘A weekend with family and friends’. Children will talk about activities that they might do at the weekend. They will express what they would and wouldn’t like to do, as well as asking others if they would like to do something.


Online English and maths homework is set on a Wednesday and will need to be completed by Monday morning as we review this in class.

Children should take no longer than 60 minutes completing their homework so please let your child's teacher know if they are struggling with their homework and we can adjust what is being set.

Every child has spellings to learn each week in their reading record and we ask that you confirm that your child has been practising them at home by signing their record. Please also ensure your child has a quick recall of all their times tables and the related division facts if they do not already as this can be a big barrier to success in maths.

In the reading record, children should continue to record and complete their reading homework as well as the other books they have read. We will note your child’s reading targets for that half term in the record and when your child has read.

Children will need to bring their record with them every day. Please sign the record each week, as this is a useful form of parent/teacher communication and get children into useful habits for secondary school when planners etc. need to be checked by parents/carers.

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Griffin (6G)    Simon Hudd (6H)    Noemi Suarez (6S)    Adam Wood (6W)    

Ben Matthews (Year 6 Leader)