Welcome to Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for supporting your children as they completed their tests this week. They definitely worked hard and tried their best. The rest of the year is very busy as we prepare the children for secondary school and to celebrate your child’s time at Belleville. Below is an outline of what is happening in Year 6 for the rest of the year. 


We will use the text ‘Wonder’ to continue to develop reading comprehension skills, knowledge and use of grammatical tools, writing in a variety of styles and for different purposes and speaking and listening in a variety of contexts. We will also cover a range of text types including fiction and non-fiction.


The children will be tackling a range of mathematical activities and developing their investigative skills with a particular focus on algebra, geometry and measures. They will further develop their ability to use a variety of written and mental methods to solve problems.


We will begin with the question, ‘Why is the landscape shaped as it is?’. A variety of influences such as plate tectonics, weather and humans will be considered alongside the processes of erosion, transportation and deposition to explain changes in continents, coasts and rivers. 


The children will be thinking about managing changes in their lives, particularly changing to secondary schools. They will be exploring how secondary schools may be similar and different and building up skills, strategies and confidence to help them succeed e.g. organising themselves, making friends, managing conflict, being more independent. They will also be covering a range of Relationships and Sex Education lessons - a separate letter was sent earlier this half term and contains more information about this. Please let your child's class teacher know if you did not receive a copy.  They will also be thinking about what positive actions they can make to change the world as citizens.

Specialist subjects

  • Art and Design –  Year 6 will be making self-portraits inspired by street artist Shepard Fairey and photographer JR. They will use mixed media and techniques to produce a unique piece of protest work.
  • French – The children will be learning to talk about different jobs and workplaces including fire stations and space stations.
  • Music – The children will be completing their work on the djembe drums, composing using Garage band and practising their singing ahead of the production.
  • PE – Year 6 will be practicing athletics building up to sports day, then striking and fielding continuing to build a variety of batting and striking skills and developing fielding tactics.
  • Dance – The children are putting together a group ‘flashmob’ dance showcasing different styles of music and dance techniques and developing their jive technique. The flashmob will be performed on the last day of term in the playgrounds at 2.30pm.
  • ICT –  Children will be working on creating their own digitally produced picturebook with a strong, message, theme and illustrations

School Journey 24th – 28th June 2019

We are looking forward to our trip away to Hayling Island and hope for good weather as we have had in previous years. Please remember the final deadline for payment is Tuesday 4th June.

Please complete the form sent with this letter about your child and return to us by Wednesday 22nd May so we can make arrangements.

There will be a short meeting for parents and carers about the school journey on Thursday 13th June 6 – 6.30pm at Webb’s Road.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it as all of the information will also be sent home the following day to all children. You will not need any special clothes or equipment for your child – they mostly need comfortable clothes they can be active in and do not need to worry about getting them dirty.

Thanks to the PTA

  • First Aid Training:
    Each Year 6 pupil has the opportunity to participate in two 1 hour sessions of First Aid training after half term. During these sessions, the children will learn essential first aid skills which will no doubt be extremely beneficial. This brilliant opportunity is provided through funding from the PTA and we would especially like to thank Jill Dicker for her help in organising the First Aid classes for Year 6.
  • Drama:
    The PTA have also provided funding for each Year 6 class to receive an hour of drama teaching each week from Catch Drama who some of you may know from their after school clubs. These lessons will focus on improving the children’s skills and confidence ahead of their Year 6 production.
  • Year 6 Disco:
    The PTA are organising a Year 6 disco on Friday 12th July, after school at Webb’s Road for all children to participate in free of charge – more details to follow.

Year 6 Production

There will be performances of the Year 6 production on Monday 22nd July at 2pm and 7pm at Webb’s Road – save the date! As you are probably aware, we have limited hall space at Belleville - we have been searching for a bigger venue but have so far been unable to find one. Unfortunately, due to the amount of hall space, there will be a limit of 2 tickets per child.

We would recommend you try to see the 2pm performance as this is usually the least busy of the performances. If there are younger siblings who do not attend Belleville, they are also welcome to the 2pm performance and these younger siblings do not require a ticket of their own.

Siblings who also attend Belleville will automatically be invited to the 2pm performance from both sites.

We politely request that younger siblings do not attend the evening performance if at all possible.

Even if parents and carers are not attending the evening performance, all Year 6 children will still need to attend to be able to put on the show in full. As always, we really appreciate all of your help and support with helping Year 6 put on an excellent production.

If your child will be leaving Belleville before the end of term on 23rd July, please let the class teacher know as soon as possible.

Key Dates

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Daniel Griffin (6G)        Simon Hudd (6H)         Noemi Suarez (6S)        Adam Wood (6W)