What we do

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The Belleville Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a charitable organisation run by volunteer parents of Belleville School. All parents and school staff automatically become members of the PTA when they join Belleville. The PTA is one of the many ways parents can get involved in our thriving school community.  

Supporting the school

Traditionally PTAs are set up by parents to raise money to improve the school environment for our children and Belleville School PTA is no exception. Over the years we have raised many thousands of pounds, which have been spent on improving equipment and facilities in the school. 
Money raised by the PTA has helped fund playground refurbishments, new computers, music equipment, two new minibuses, the building of an art room and interactive white boards for every classroom. We support an Arts and Sports Fund, for activities that parents would like to see more resources provided for. This has funded as an instrumental music scheme and equipment such as cameras.

Building a cohesive Belleville community

At Belleville we also believe that our PTA should have another function and that is to bring the children, staff and parents together socially.

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To this end we run a number of events starting with a RECEPTION PICNIC for the new children and parents before they even start in their Reception class, so that there are a few familiar faces on their first day at school.
Later on in the year we run a number of social events:

  •  QUIZ NIGHT for parents 
  • FILM NIGHTS once a term
  • DISCOs for parents and children
  • FUN RUN 
  • SUMMER FAIR and many more. . . 

Most years we try something new, led by ideas from parents: table top sale, beer festival, pampering evenings . . .  All these events are organised and run by volunteers. We have a team of about ten trustees at the heart of the operation who meet a couple of times a term in the evening. Some events are organised by the trustees, others are organised by one or two parents who think it would be a nice thing to do.

Getting involved with the PTA is a great way of getting to know other families and school staff whilst making a contribution to the quality of school life. Children love seeing their parents in school. By getting involved, you can benefit them, improve their educational environment and make friends too.