Local MP Visit to Belleville

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Our School Council held a fascinating question and answer session with Marsha de Cordova, our local MP.  The questions the children posed covered many and varied topics including political structures and local and national issues from the environment to homelessness and to knife-crime to disability.  

Marsha inspired the children to make a difference and get involved with a number of local initiatives, of particular relevance inCitizenship week.

Professor Sugata Mitra at Belleville

Our links with Professor Mitra (winner of the 1 million dollar TED prize in 2013) have been built over many years and his work goes on to influence many in the field of education and beyond. We werehonoured to have him visit us again at Belleville the week before last and again this week. Professor Mitra always challenges our thinking and ways of learning for teachers and the children. Our work with him has led to our use of SOLE (Self-Organised Learning Environments) lessons as one of our school approaches to learning and were delighted to have Sugata back with us to take our thinking on again.

Professor Mitra led two very different sessions with two of our Year 3 classes. The children were excited (and absolutely unfazed!) by working with Professor Mitra and simultaneously being observed by over 30 visiting heads and teachers from across London who were in the room for the sessions. Sugata led stimulating and challenging discussions with staff about learning and the future of education. We will be looking at how wecan furtherdevelop our SOLE lessons within our curriculum.

If you are interested in seeing more of Sugata’s work there is a huge amount of fascinating material and many videos available online.
These are particularly good places to start:    The Future of Learning  SugataMitra: Build a School in the cloud