Summer 2

Dear Parents/Carers,                                                                                                 

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support throughout the year. Please find below an overview of the topics that we will cover next half term. We hope you will find this useful.


Children will read and compare a range of well-known traditional tales and their alternative versions, before writing their own version, with a twist!  They will then explore The Invisible by Tom Percival, a moving, powerful story that shines a light on those that feel invisible in our world - and shows us that we all belong. They will compare this with Last Stop on Market Street written by Matt de la Peña and illustrated by Christian Robinson, discussing themes and ideas in both stories. Following our DT unit this year, the children will write instructions teaching others how to make hand puppets as a character from a traditional tale of their choice. The children will continue to learn to join their handwriting and revise the different Year 2 spelling rules and patterns in preparation for the transition to Year 3.


Children will continue to learn to tell the time, find durations of time and compare lengths of time. Please reinforce telling the time with your child at home. The children will also revise and develop many different skills they have learnt throughout the year including fractions, shapes and problem solving. Please continue to support your children at home by practising the formal methods for addition and subtraction (the column method) and the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. It is an expected standard in Year 2 for children to be able to recall these facts.

Geography- Rivers

Children will be learning about rivers in geography. Children will learn to locate the source and mouth of a range of rivers in the UK and will learn about the impacts of river pollution, suggesting ways we can reduce this.

Science – Life cycles

Children will be learning about animal lifecycles, including that of an insect and an amphibian. They will then be recapping the science curriculum topics covered earlier in the year, such as habitats, materials, plants and keeping healthy.


Children will continue learning the Ocarina to learn songs using the notes BADDGEFC and to improve their finger co-ordination. They will also learn to improvise and develop simple compositions. The children will be performing songs on the ocarina at the end of term. More information will follow on this.


The children will look at the patterns and colours we see in nature, inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. The will create sculptures from natural materials which they will record by taking photos. They will also practice drawing exercises, visually recording what they see and also explore a range of printing techniques using natural materials.


The children will be learning how to conduct digital research. In addition to this, they will also learn to create eBooks, linked to their science topic of lifecycles.

PE –

Indoor PE lessons

Children will either be taught dance by our specialist dance teacher Rhian Robbins or Gym by our coach David Wood. The children will have an opportunity to create, explore and perform movement in response to classroom curriculum-based topics and given stimuli such as music, visuals and text. Children will be encouraged and taught to share and develop the language to feedback and comment with an emphasis on creativity, composition, performance and peer learning.​​

Outdoor PE lessons

During games the children will focus on Athletics and striking and fielding. In athletics, children will be encouraged to experiment with different ways of travelling, throwing and jumping, increasing their awareness of speed and distance in preparation of sports day. Striking and fielding games will help children develop their skills in throwing, catching and striking a ball.​ They will also improve their fundamental movement skills for running, speed agility, balance and eye hand coordination.

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Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE)

Children will be learning about ‘A changing me in a changing world’. This will include relationship and sex education (RSE). A separate letter has been sent out, outlining what and how topics will be taught.


Maths ( homework will both be set on Wednesdays and should be completed by the following Monday. Mathletics activities are set to consolidate the current learning in class. We appreciate that they may be quick to complete from time to time so if you wish to extend your child’s learning at home, please use the ‘explore’ and ‘play’ tabs at the top. You can also find additional challenge activities at Words to learn each week will be sent home in your child’s guided reading record. Your child needs to bring their guided reading record to school every day. Reading books and matching comprehension activities are provided on Bug Club (

Healthy eating at playtime

Children can bring in a healthy snack to eat during break time. They are allowed to bring a piece of fresh or dried fruit or vegetable, or a small savoury sandwich (no crisps, biscuits, sweets, yogurts, cakes etc please) – teachers will monitor these snacks to make sure they are suitable. There should be no foods containing nuts brought into school.


All children need to bring a small, labelled bottle of plain water to drink throughout the day and take it home each night to be washed. They can re-fill this bottle from the water stations in school during the day.

Communication between home and school

At the end of the school day, your child must always say goodbye to their teacher before leaving the school premises. It is important for your child’s safety that the school has two accurate contact numbers in case of an emergency but also for us to be able to contact you and discuss what is happening in school. Please can you check that home and any mobile contact numbers that have been sent into school are correct and up to date.

We will work in close partnership with families to ensure your child’s time at school is successful – if you have any queries concerning your child’s education or welfare please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher on the playground or through the office and we will be glad to discuss any queries with you.

The Year 2 Team
Sarah Peach (2P - Year Leader)
Hayley Williams-Macpherson (2W)
Maria Guzsvany (2G)
Polly Marwick (2M)



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