Article ImageMusic is a universal language that allows children to develop artistic, creative and performance skills.  The aim of music at Belleville is to engage and inspire all children to develop a love of music alongside developing their talents and skills as young musicians. 

As children progress through Belleville they have the opportunity to learn a wide range of musical instruments, to understand and read music notation, to improvise and compose, and to perform in small and large ensembles. Children also listen to music from a wide range of cultures, traditions, and time periods and are taught how to use music technology programs to compose their own music.

Music is taught weekly for all children. Children in Year 1 to 6 receive specialist music teaching which is based upon the National Curriculum and recently issued government guidance.  The core elements of our music curriculum are:


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Singing: Children learn how to sing and how to use their voices expressively and creatively.  Throughout their time in Belleville children will learn to sing in unison (EYRS), rounds and partner songs (KS1), and harmony (KS2), in music lessons, and as part of singing projects and in singing assemblies throughout the year.




Article ImageInstrumental skills: Children learn to play different instruments. In Reception and Year 1, children learn to sing and play percussion instruments by exploring the inter-related dimensions: pitch, pulse, duration, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, timbre and children in Year 1 have a singing project in the summer term.

In Year 2 children learn how to play their first instrument, an ocarina, and learn how to read rhythmic and pictorial notation using the inter-related dimensions. In Year 3 children learn how to play the recorder, read staff notation. In Year 4 all children have the opportunity to learn an orchestral instrument which includes: Violin, Cello, Viola, Baritone, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone in small groups with a maximum of 10 children per lesson. In Year 5, children learn the ukulele and how to read tab and ukulele notation and in Year 6, children have a singing project and Djembe drumming. To find out more, visit our Music Gallery.


Composition and Improvisation: Throughout their time at Belleville, children will have the opportunity to experiment with sounds and learn how to improvise and compose using their voice and on their instruments. They learn how to record their compositions using pictorial, rhythmic, staff and tab notation and through digital music applications such as Garage Band.


Article ImageMusic Technology: Children are taught to use technology appropriately to help develop musical ideas using programmes such as Garage Band to develop their creativity whilst learning to use Tracks and Live Loops.


Listening and Appreciation: Children listen to and discuss a wide variety of music from different genres. For our instrumental programmes, children will have specific musical artist, composer or genre that will help them to develop their musical vocabulary, aural and listening skills, their understanding of music, and their general ability to review, discuss and debate.


We are proud that:

We have been recognised as a Music Mark school for our commitment to provide a high-quality music education to all our children. Our excellent, bespoke Year 4 orchestra programme is led by tutors from Wandsworth Music Service and is heavily supported through generous funding from the PTA. Year 4 are taught in groups of 10 either a brass, string or woodwind instrument by a specialist instrumental tutor, culminating in a 120 piece orchestra concert.

Article ImageWe organise a variety of other events each year to which families are invited, including end of term and Christmas concerts, choir concerts, orchestra concerts, bands, ensembles concerts, and performances for specific year group singing projects. We also offer exciting performance opportunities such as the Wandsworth Mayor's Concert, a performance at the Royal Albert Hall or Fairfield Halls with Wandsworth Music and a summer festival.

We are fortunate to have excellent resources to support music teaching, including piano keyboards, ukuleles, Djembe drums, drumkit, a bass, guitars and ipads.

After a year’s tuition in school, instrumental lessons can continue beyond the school day, either individually or in small groups.  All children wishing to continue their instrument are given the opportunity and support to do so, including significantly reduced lesson prices and bursaries for those receiving pupil premium funding.

We run popular music clubs, such as choir, orchestra and school band, recorder & woodwind/Brass ensemble, and learning to play the piano/keyboard. Private paid lessons are also available beyond the school day individually for a wide range of instruments. Full details can be found on the clubs page.


Download our Belleville Primary School Music Curriculum Overview 2023-2024

Download our Belleville Primary School Music Progression Document 2023-2024

Interview with Sarah Atherton, our former Head of Juniors, for Wandsworth Music