Our Aims

We believe that our school aims and values are fulfilled within our curriculum in both the implicit and explicit elements, so our children develop their full potential in all aspects of their learning and personal development.

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Our Curriculum Approach

Article ImageOur curriculum is designed with excellence and equality at the core of all we do.  

Our learning approach, our learning environments and our curriculum are organised with the children at the centre, so their experience at Belleville is of a rich, rewarding education where they achieve and succeed every day. 

LEARN is our shared curriculum statement which drives our curriculum decisions for our learners to be engaging, ambitious, relevant and nurturing. 

One of our children summed up the attitude which shines out throughout our school.



'I am not here to work,
I am here to learn!'


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Our Organisation

Belleville is a highly organised school, offering a carefully structured, broad and balanced curriculum.  We keep an appropriate focus on the core subjects of English and Maths, whilst also ensuring that all children benefit from a rich and diverse range of topics. In this way we extend children's learning far beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We have specialist teachers for music, art, PE, gymnastics, swimming, French and computing each offering vibrant, progressive and ambitious curriculum for these subjects. 

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Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is clearly structured to ensure every child is developing their core skills, experiencing a broad and rich curriculum and do so alongside building excellent personal, social and emotional skills. 

The school builds experiences which will develop children’s skills and knowledge in all areas of learning incorporating the academic, physical, artistic, linguistic, scientific and technological.

We have a curriculum rooted in subject disciplines but which builds clear connections between subjects to ensure learning is relevant and coherent for example content from geography work may inspire letter writing or design technology projects being built upon learning in computing and science.     Our local context in Battersea and richness of having access to our capital city inspires many aspects of our curriculum as does the exciting, diverse community around and within our school.

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Our Teachers

We firmly believe that "the quality of an education system (or a school) cannot exceed the quality of its teachers" and this principle is key to our school's approach. We invest significantly in recruiting, retaining and developing high quality teaching staff so that all learning in all our lessons is excellent for all children. Teachers work hard to ensure that the work is interesting, inspiring and challenging to all.  Highly trained support staff provide additional classroom assistance throughout the school.

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Excellent Learners

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We develop positive attitudes to learning throughout the school. The focus and collaboration in every lesson is something visitors often remark on when they come to Belleville.

From the youngest classes and throughout the school, we teach the children what it means to be an "excellent learner" and how to work with each other through co-operative learning structures.

The Belleville Excellent Learners approach ensures clarity in how learning is talked about across subjects and ages. These attitudes are valued as a key part of learning success and are taught and promoted from Nursery to Year 6.

  • “I like it when I can talk through my ideas first.”
  • “I did not give up today…that made me proud of myself”