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Science is everywhere! Every aspect of our life is filled with science — from a rumbling stomach, to the flat-screen TV on the wall, the clouds in the sky, the trees turning sunlight into the oxygen we need to survive or the smartphone in our pockets.  

Through our science curriculum we develop children’s curiosity in how things work, grow their understanding and interest in wanting to learn more about the importance of science and scientists.

We ensure children start with hands-on exploration and discovery.

Our enquiry approach expects and encourages questions to be asked, to develop scientific thinking and for children to work scientifically.

Our curriculum has a high emphasis on the precise use of language and vocabulary to help with accurate conceptual development and articulation of understanding.

We have a comprehensive curriculum covering and extending beyond the National Curriculum. We have developed exciting, contemporary science projects in all year groups allowing children to explore engaging, relevant themes and questions such as:

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  • How long will rubbish last?
  • How might future technologies affect our lives? 
  • What is biomimicry and how is it used?   
  • How has medicine developed and what will it do next?

Linking with work in geography and RE in particular, our science curriculum seeks to nurture the awe and wonder found in the natural world, a sense of personal responsibility and an understanding of connections at personal, local and global level.

Children engage regularly in collaboration with their peers and the use of the internet in answering a ‘big question’ through SOLE* (Self-Organised Learning Environments).

Download our Q1E Science Curriculum Overview

Download our Q1E Science Progression Document