We teach RE in order for children to develop understanding, respect and tolerance with regard to the importance of religion and moral values to individuals, groups and communities of all faiths and none.

Our approach is two-fold:

Learning ABOUT religion and beliefs

Children should gain knowledge of different beliefs, practices and sources of authority and how these influence individuals and communities. They should also, as they move through the key stages, gain greater understanding of similarities and differences within and between belief systems, as well as how different beliefs are used to form moral values and identities.

Learning FROM religion and beliefs

Children should develop their ability to analyse and evaluate aspects of religion and belief. They should consider different points of view and, as they move through the key stages, and use evidence to support reasoned arguments, recognising bias and differences in interpretation of texts and sources of wisdom. In focus units: allow depth study of religions to develop knowledge and understanding of faith groups. Theme units allow exploration of a broad range of religions and worldviews developing skills in enquiry and reflection on a range of critical themes.

As part of our curriculum, all children visit key places of worship: church, mosque, synagogue, Hindu temple, Sikh Gurdwara.

Download an overview of our RE curriculum.

Download an overview of how knowledge, understanding and skills progress in RE through different year groups at Belleville.