Secondary School Transfer

We are very proud of all our children - they are happy and successful at Belleville School and achieve well above the national average. We are also proud of the range of schools that our children go onto for their secondary education and how well prepared they are for the next stage. Our aim is that they are ‘sad to leave but ready to move on’ both as successful learners and confident young people.


Where do the children go to?


Each year around 1/3 of our children will transfer to Bolingbroke Academy which is a very nearby school that is popular with our parent group. As the largest of the feeder schools for Bolingbroke, we are able to secure a large number of places just for Belleville children at this school.


Another 1/3 will typically transfer to other state schools in Wandsworth and other nearby boroughs. Each year around 10% of our children will be offered selective places at Graveney School based on high test scores in the Wandsworth Year 6 Test . We usually have a number of children who will go to Burntwood School and  Saint Cecilia's C of E School (often with an interest in music) as well as a range of other Wandsworth schools. Due to our location and transport links, children can access schools in other boroughs, with some recent popular choices being Kingsdale School in Dulwich and St Martin in the Fields High School in Tulse Hill.


The final 1/3 will typically take up an offer at an independent (fee paying) school. At Year 6, many children will have a choice between their state school offer and a range of independent school offers – in fact, in 2021, 90% of Belleville children who applied to an independent school get at least one offer of a place. Schools where children from Belleville often receive offers includes many popular and sought-after schools, including:

  • Alleyn’s School
  • Dulwich College
  • Emanuel School
  • Ibstock Place
  • James Allen's Girls' School
  • Putney High School for Girls
  • Streatham and Clapham High
  • Trinity School
  • Whitgift School
  • Woldingham School


The full details of all our leavers' destinations for the last four years are available here. If you are looking at the independent schools, we have included the number of applications and the numbers of offers made as, unlike in the state system, children can have a number of offers from different schools at the same time.


How well do they do at secondary school?


‘I just wanted to drop you a quick message saying how impressed we were of the cohort yesterday and how amazingly mature, kind-hearted and hard-working they all were. They left an amazing impression on all the staff and we cannot wait for them to join next year.’ Year 7 Leader Feedback following Induction Day


Children from Belleville are very well-prepared for life at secondary school – they have been taught to a high standard in all subjects so are ready to take on the secondary curriculum. They also have a positive attitude towards their learning and strong social and emotional skills which helps them to settle in and collaborate successfully with their peers.


Children from Belleville are used to working with a range of teachers for different subjects throughout their time at primary school and we often get feedback from our secondary colleagues that they can ‘tell who is a Belleville child’ because of the depth of their learning, their positive attitudes and how well-prepared they are to succeed.


We have recently had the poster below sent from Bolingbroke Academy showing how some former pupils are doing. We are always delighted to hear from all former pupils about what they did next – please do contact us to let us know what you have been up to!

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What is the secondary application process and preparation like?


For details of the process we have prepared a video below or you can download our presentation here.

Towards the end of Year 5 and into Year 6 we offer specific preparation for secondary transfer tests, hold meetings and workshops for parents and carers, provide full references as required and host ISEB testing in school. Exceptional Academics regularly use our school buildings for 11+ classes at weekends and in holidays.

You can also arrange to meet with us at any time to discuss your aspirations and options.

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