We have received additional government funding called 'PE and Sport Premium' since its introduction in September 2013. The funding aims to help improve the quality of PE teaching and sports opportunities in primary schools.

What we receive:
Schools receive a set payment, plus an additional £10 per pupil (in years 1 to 6).
Belleville's allocation for 2018/19 is £23,420.
For last year (the 2017-18 school year) Belleville received £23,090. 

What the funding is for:
Schools are free to spend the Sport Premium as they see fit. However, we must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE, physical activity and sport we offer.

How we have spent the funding:
As a school we are accountable for how we will use this additional funding. Schools are required to publish online information regarding how they have used the premium and the impact it has made.

We have:

  • funded high quality sports coaching, to help our PE staff to develop their skills
  • provided additional training and professional development to develop teachers’ expertise
  • increased participation in inter-school events and tournaments
  • invested in lunchtime play resources to encourage children to be more active every day
  • provided swimming lessons for year 4 classes, and funded additional “swim clinics”
  • organised a competitive swimming gala, to further develop our most able swimmers
  • arranged sports days on the local common.

You can download our latest report here

Find out more
The Department of Education has published more about the purpose and allocation of the PE and sport premium