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History shapes who we are. It is in every family story, every building, every painting, map or new archaeological discovery.  Understanding history give us a better understanding of the world, of ourselves, of different places and people.

Through the teaching of history, we develop children to think like historians: how to use evidence, develop their questioning, to make interpretations and connections and to understand context.  Above all to understand history is never simple, often controversial and that one view or perspective will never give the whole picture.

Our history curriculum covers a broad spectrum of local, national and worldwide topics within and beyond the National Curriculum. We develop knowledge and understanding (including chronology) alongside skills of enquiry and interpretation.  Our curriculum has been developed with subject specialists, the Historical Association and much research.

Article ImageWe build in exciting first-hand experiences ranging from exploring artefacts, pictures, documents and maps to interviewing local residents and interrogating school logbooks.  

We make the most of all the access we have in London to world-class institutions including The Museum of London, The British Museum, The Black Cultural Archives and royal parks and palaces.  We embrace the local and community history within our diverse communities.

Our curriculum has strong local history elements focusing on events, places and people significant to local area and contexts so our children will cover bespoke local history topics such as Clapham South Deep Shelter.

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Download our Q1E History Curriculum Overview 

Download our Q1E History Progression Document