Summer 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

We cannot believe we are heading into our final half term of the year! The children have achieved so much this year and we have lots more to look forward to in the next half term.


Our topic for next half term is ‘Big Wide World’. Through this topic we will learn about the world around us including the animals, people, weather and plants that make up our environment.  We will compare our environment with others and learn how we can help to look after our world.  We finish the year by preparing for our move to Year 1! Some highlights of this new topic will include having caterpillars in our classroom and observing them transform into butterflies which we will release.  We will also be creating a biome in a bottle when learning about weather and different climates.  Please can you bring in any large, empty water bottles after half-term to enable to children to complete this project.   If you or someone you know has experience in any of these areas and would be willing to talk to the children over Zoom about your area of expertise, please speak to your class teacher as soon as possible.


Next half term in phonics we will continue to strengthen our existing knowledge of Phase 2, 3 and 4 phonemes and tricky words. In particular, we will be working on using digraphs and trigraphs to write longer or more complex words, as well as make our spelling of tricky words more accurate. As always, this will be accompanied with a focus on forming each letter correctly.


Next half term we will consolidate our learning of number as well as shape space and measure in learning about mass, volume and capacity, money, data and solving word problems.

Physical Development

This half-term the children will continue to have both indoor and outdoor PE and need to wear their PE kit to school on both days. Whilst the children are unable to dress themselves for PE at school, please encourage your child to be as independent as possible when dressing and undressing at home. Children being able to dress and undress without any adult assistance is something that we are required to assess the children against during the year as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

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Please continue to share any new learning or ‘wow’ moments from your child at home through Tapestry- for instance learning to ride a bike or celebrating a special day. Both children and staff love talking about the photos and videos you share with us. If you would like to speak to your child’s teacher then please email the school at or speak to us on the playground before or after school.

Once again, thank you all for your continuing support. 

Laura Britten (Assistant Headteacher Early Years)                 
Eleanor Thompson (Early Reading Lead)
Marlene Zammit        
Rachel Carruthers (Assistant Head Well-being)                                  
Lucelle Hendriks

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